its great stuff i used 5/30 in my 7.3 power stroke and it had over 400’000
miles on it and it they put on a dyno and it tested out like it was a new
motor the shop could not believe it they asked what kid of oil i used
and i said amsoil the stuff works i run it my 07 Volvo 630 it have the big
ved-16 big motor and i get 7.5 miles to to the gal and i also have it my 92 honda
accord it has 300’000 miles on it and dose not burn oil at all the body will rust away be for the motor wares out lol i have been with amsoil for 20 years and
i have not come planets at all the stuff rocks dont slam some thing you know nothing about !!! AMSOIL is a great product !!
I’ve been an ardent advocate for AMSOIL synthetic motor oil for 4 years going! I use it both in my personal vehicles and in commercial trucks as well! The 25,000 extended drain interval gives you peace of mind and satisfaction of knowing that you won’t spend valuable time and $$$ every 3,000 miles at some “quick lube” station. For someone who spends countless hours on the road, changing my engine oil solely on an annual basis costs me around $55.00 with AMSOIL synthetic motor oil (includes 5 qts 10W30 plus AMSOIL Ea oil filter). Contrasting this amount with the $30 that most “quick lube” vendors charge every 3,000 miles, my annual average savings per vehicle is approximately $185.00!!! ($30 x 8 oil changes = $240.00 over a 24,000 mile span. Servicing your vehicle using AMSOIL synthetic motor oil costs approximately $55.00 for the SAME 24,000 mile span) This doesn’t factor in the countless hours you’ll spend waiting for the vehicle service to be completed.
AMSOIL Are the Pioneers of Synthetic Engine/Motor Oil !!! Those of you that think All major brand name Full Synthetic motor oils are the SAME Are Absolutely Positively WRONG!!! Not that their all Bad! Some are Pretty Impressive in fact. OK Their is the SYN BASE STOCK and More Importantly the ADDITIVES, (witch are proprietary and mostly secret to ea brand). TO YOU FOOLS OUT THERE, They Don’t Have Equal Protection, Properties or Attributes! Look on the AMSOIL website for the Independent Test Results!, and Print it out! and Read it Too *(AMSOIL was by a very small margin less superior in only 2 of the 6 tests!). The test explains ea of the results, w/charts, in easy to understand layman terms, why it is Superior and more Cost Erective for the Majority of motorist, It most certantly is for All Three of my vehicles!!! I save $483.50 per Year Total and that is taking under consideration the rough service & shorter change intervals! somthing everyone must figure out for their driving type, towing, climate, dusty roads, short trip, stop n’ go & long idle periods. It may not be Cost Effective for Everyone, read the test results & determan the next best.
I have a 1996 BMW R1100RT I purchased two years ago with 12,000 miles on it. The bike runs as it should, rumble and all though at times in city riding it tends to heat up, not over heating though, just below the red mark. The bike is powered by an oil cooled Boxster engine which has always reliably started on the second try. The shifting is somewhat clunky and in 1st gear sometimes you can’t get it back into that gear. The bike has been well maintained by both the original owner and me changing the oil every 3K miles using BMW 10/40 mineral/organic oil.

I have read a great deal about Amsoil, Mobil One and Castrol. I’ve been using Castrol in my cars since the early 1970’s switching to Syntec in the early 1990’s. Having owner 4 airplanes and a number of boats I perform most of the maintenance myself. Back in the 1990’s Mobil One got in a world of trouble with their aircraft oil whereas the teflon would separate and attach to the interior of the engine causing blockages for the oil to circulate properly. It was enough of a problem and left a bad taste in my mouth with that Brand and the way the matter was handled. I’ve always had good luck with Castrol products and never had a reason to look elsewhere for a different Brand. However, after reading several independent laboratory results regarding the best motor oils and their properties, i.e.; maintaining viscosity, lubricity, oil breakdown, shearing and eventual change in the SAE measure(10W/40 in 4K miles to < 5W-10W/30) AMSOIL always fared the best overall.

So recently I changed the transmission and final drive fluids to AMSOIL Severe Gear Fluid 75W-90. Also I changed the motor oil to 20W/50 AMSOIL Synthetic. Immediately the gear shifting was smoother and w/o problems downshifting into first gear. Over the 500 miles I noticed the engine run much smoother and a bit quieter along with cooler. The digital oil temp gauge remains 1 bar below where it has always settled. And the most surprising change is the motor now always starts as soon as you hit the starter button, first time!

I am quite impressed and have sent out the prior oil for testing and will after 3K miles do the same with the AMSOIL to compare the lab results. I will also be using AMSOIL in our 3 cars (incl. VW TDI Diesel) along with my kids 4 dirt bikes and JD lawn tractor.

I highly recommend that you try AMSOIL, especially if you care enough to use the best! I’ve always said;” Oil is cheap, Engines are not!”

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